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Eye diseases are generally the name given to the whole of the disorders that cause the function of the eye sense to disrupt. They may suffer losses or changes in the sense of patient vision with eye diseases; It is a whole of the complaints that follow them, seeing the distance or relative, constantly tear, eye -catching, blurred vision, swelling, flying objects and following them.

Cataract with the Phaco

Today, cataract surgery, popularly known as "laser cataract surgery", its medical name  "FACOEMULSIFACATION" or 

Strabismus Treatment

Strabismus is a disease with treatment and it is possible to regain normal eye health with the treatments. 


Initially on the inside of the eye meat, itching, stinging, don't flush when you get out of the bathroom...


There are many age glands on the eyelids. The duct mouths of these glands open to the bottom of the eyelashes. From this channel mouths...

Lid Surgery

Göz kapaklarına yaklaşımımızda son yıllarda ciddi bir değişiklik oldu...

Tear Duct Surgery 

The lacrimal sac and tear ducts carry the secreted tears to the nasal cavity.

SMD (Yellow Spot)

Yellow spot (macular degeneration) disease is a retinal disease responsible for central vision.

Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

Raised eye pressure, which occurs especially after the forties and progresses insidiously and does not give any symptoms...

In modern cataract surgeries where intraocular lens is applied, the posterior membrane of the cataract is left in place to support the lens implant.

 Use of light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of the retina, the light-sensitive tissue that covers the back of the eye.

Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) examines the retina and the nerve layer called the choroid in the back of the eye and its supporting tissue.

It is the argon laser application that is widely used in the treatment of retinal diseases.


With SLT, low-dose laser energy is sent into the clogged canals, destroying the pigment-containing cells.

In order to determine the laser eye surgery to be applied in laser treatment, a detailed eye examination should be performed.

GETAT Polyclinic

Traditional and complementary medicine, starting the treatment processes of physical and mental diseases of people...

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