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Ticari Bina



Our clinic established in 2008 is serving you with 3 examination rooms and advanced operating room and examination rooms.

Expert staff

Each first health group employee, who skillfully combines the amateur spirit with professional understanding, supports his professional experiences with in -service training. Our staff, which produces continuous and qualified services and takes responsibility, produces quality and rational solutions as soon as possible for the needs of the patients.


Advanced technology

Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced technological devices. National and international innovations and developments in the field of health are closely monitored. For the establishment of the reliable technical infrastructure that we see as one of the first conditions for providing high quality service, we devote a significant portion of our energy to research and development activities.

Quality service


For our specialist physicians and administrative staff who accept patient satisfaction as a basis in all circumstances, the service is' perfection. Established with its target audience and brand stakeholders, the healthy communication environment makes relationships long -term and trust -based. Our experienced staff produces the most ideal solutions in which innovative approaches are blended with classical methods in all our service areas, using their knowledge in the most accurate and effective way.


Our Mission


Without sacrificing scientific, conscientious, ethics and principles; To provide clear, honest and reliable diagnosis and treatment service. To provide high quality health care -focused, high -quality health service focused on the satisfaction of patients and employees.


Our vision


To be a leading, international reference center in scientific research and new practices. To be a health group with a management and operating system that provides continuous development and renewal by using continuous training, measurement and improvement methods.


Our quality policy

  • Not to compromise on general and medical ethics.

  • To show the highest value and care of human dignity while providing health care.

  • Endless respect for human life without discrimination of race, genus, religion.

  • To inform the patient and their relatives correctly and sufficiently.

  • To present the most advanced, current and evidence -based diagnosis and treatment opportunities to the patient.

  • To act with the awareness that our most important strength is our trained human resources.

  • To lead the implementation of the most advanced health services.

  • To continue the training, planning and coordination activities that will increase the quality of life in cooperation with various institutions of the society.

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